Hello, good to meet you and a massive congratulations on your engagement. I'm Chris, and I would be privileged to be your videographer on your special day.

My background is in the aviation industry working on all types of aircraft (including Concorde!) and meeting all types of people however my original aspiration was to become...... a wedding videographer and feel blessed to finally see this become reality.

Whilst your busy making memories I will be working tirelessly in the background capturing all the love, emotion and all the special moments as naturally as they occur.

"I love to capture memories and to ensure they are personal to you, just as Imosha is personal to me, being named after my daughter Imogen"

how I work

I certainly won't be dictating your actions throughout the day but will simply blend into the background staying low key and allowing the events to be documented as they happen - naturally, as this is where the special moments occur!

There won't be any bulky cameras, lighting rigs or huge tripods instead I keep equipment as minimal as possible whilst recording in stunning HD that can be accessed with a single click.

I am friendly, none intrusive & discreet.