First of all I’m guessing your on my site as you have recently become engaged and looking at options for your big day so without hesitation I would like to offer my sincere congratulations. I thought I’d use this post to introduce Imosha Wedding films and tell you a little but about my story, and why it is called Imosha and why it has taken 25+ years to get here.

I guess the story starts during my school years when I used to help organise shows and productions. We didn’t have phones with HD camera in our pockets back then (in fact the only phones were permanently plugged into the wall or in a box on the high street. (yes I’m getting old now). For a few of the shows I was aware of a family member of the cast who had a camcorder and they came to video. I was amazed at the technology and as soon as I could afford one I brought my very first VHS-C machine! For years I literally took it everywhere with me, around house, holidays, days out, to work, on flights and even to the pub. Quite sad really. Even sadder is that I have a massive box of video cassettes that will probably never see the light of day again! The ones that I have watched have been low quality in sound and picture, recorded in auto mode with the traditional shaky picture.

At the time I remember offering to film my aunts wedding. Unfortunately she has since lost the tape however I cringe just thinking about the quality. In fact her feedback still rings in my ears to this day.

“Chris, sorry but that was just awful”

.. feedback from “aunty Angela” on my first ever wedding video  with a stationary  VHS camcorder, 1995 

I filmed a few more weddings for friends and family and I can assure you they couldn’t have been much better. I did actually want to be a wedding videographer but by this point had lost all confidence as I had no idea what I was doing and instead pursued a long career in aviation and thankfully the camcorder obsession fizzled out. Now of course we all have quality camcorders built into our phones and we all do what I was doing back then but a little more discreetly!

Skip forward 25 years and I started noticing what I considered impossible footage on TV and couldn’t work out how it was filmed until I saw a post on a friends FB wall with her being filmed by a drone. This to me was too exciting to ignore and I eventually purchased a phantom 4 drone on a whim and had a lot of fun playing with it until I started realising its potential. After filming a few sports events for a local club I realised editing equipment had also moved on since the mid 90’s. After wasting a few years dithering i finally decided to take the plunge and get my PFCO (drone licence) from the CAA, and subsequently set up Pesky Seagull Aerial Photography & Video to take advantage of the commercial opportunities from the new qualification. Whilst still fairly busy on the drone side, competition has increased immensely from both legal and illegal operators and had lost a lot of major opportunities due to the nature of my airport work.

I did realise though that nearly every wedding I attended purely for drones there was no official videographer present, and therefore I started offering this service using the little equipment I had ie Gopros etc. Delays to weddings caused by covid led me to reassess this approach and realising I needed far more professional equipment went on a huge spending spree. The investment didn’t end with high end cameras either. I also enrolled on a professional wedding videographer course and am currently enjoying mentoring from a very high end videographer. The results of this should be evident in future films.

One of the very first things that became clear was that the Pesky Seagull brand didn’t work for weddings and therfore I took the painful and expensive decision to start from scratch with a new identity. After much deliberation Imosha was identified as a name. “Imo” comes from my daughter Imogen and “Sha” from our surname (Shaw). It also sounds a little bit like emotion, something I try to engage within my films.

The original “Imosha”
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